Strategic Plan 2014–2019

Mission, Vision, and Values

Manhattan School of Music is deeply committed to excellence in education, performance, and creative activity; to the humanity of the School’s environment; and to the cultural enrichment of the larger community. A premier international conservatory, MSM inspires and empowers highly talented individuals to realize their potential. We take full advantage of New York’s abundant learning and performance opportunities, preparing our students to be accomplished and passionate performers, composers and teachers, and imaginative, effective contributors to the arts and society.

Four Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Ensure Artistic and Academic Excellence

Ensure that every MSM student receives an excellent education. Take full advantage of the overall talent of the student body, the quality of our educational programs, our outstanding faculty, and our New York City location. Increase educational opportunities through distance learning and new technologies. Form additional productive and mutually beneficial partnerships with other educational institutions, performance venues, and arts organizations across the city, state, region, nation, and world.

Goal 2: Optimize Physical Infrastructure and Human Resources

Develop and execute a comprehensive, institution-wide plan to upgrade educational and administrative technologies, performance venues, classrooms, studios, public spaces, and offices. Repurpose space owned or leased by MSM to optimize educational quality and revenue generation. Assess and optimize human capital to increase service quality.

Goal 3: Enhance Finances

Ensure and maintain our fiscal sustainability by enhancing and promoting high quality, fiscally sound offerings, and phasing out financially non-viable offerings. Increase earned revenues from partnerships, contracts, and degree and non-degree offerings. Maintain an effective Development Office to maximize alumni and donor participation as well as scholarship and endowment growth.

Goal 4: Increase Visibility

Achieve wider recognition of MSM's world-class quality.