Strategic Initiatives

Goal 2: Optimize Physical Infrastructure and Human Resources

Develop and execute a comprehensive, institution-wide plan to upgrade educational and administrative technologies, performance venues, classrooms, studios, public spaces, and offices. Repurpose space owned or leased by MSM to optimize educational quality and revenue generation. Assess and optimize human capital to increase service quality.


  • 2.1. Re-envision our use of space and recapture the historic beauty of our physical facilities. Conduct a comprehensive space audit of all MSM buildings. Identify the current uses, rehabilitation needs, and possible alternative uses of all MSM space. Use this audit as the basis for proposing reassignment, consolidations, expansions, renovations, or repurposing of space. Review contracts and space use agreements to optimize revenues and increase opportunities for MSM faculty and students. Undertake renovations of important and historic spaces by our 100th anniversary year.
  • 2.2. Serve students and faculty better by achieving greater efficiency in the management of data. Upgrade IT infrastructure as well as the current enterprise system to support administrative and educational functions.
  • 2.3. Create additional cost savings by streamlining MSM internal business practices and policies (e.g., share internal services which provide identical or similar support functions; maximize the impact of financial aid allocation and award practices; and eliminate redundant legacy record keeping practices).
  • 2.4. Direct a greater proportion of our financial resources to our core educational and artistic enterprise by achieving economies of scale through sharing administrative, auxiliary, and academic support services between departments and with one or more nearby institutions of higher education.

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