Strategic Initiatives

Goal 3: Enhance Finances

Ensure and maintain our fiscal sustainability by enhancing and promoting high quality, fiscally sound offerings, and phasing out financially non-viable offerings. Increase earned revenues from partnerships, contracts, and degree and non-degree offerings. Maintain an effective Development Office to maximize alumni and donor participation as well as scholarship and endowment growth.


  • 3.1. Conduct a systematic financial analysis of all academic and non- academic programs, both current and proposed, to determine institutional impact.
  • 3.2. Establish and then employ specific program-level enrollment targets to achieve an optimal program balance, overall size, return on investment, and educational mix.
  • 3.3. Establish new annual goals for (a) increasing and sustaining scholarships, (b) alumni participation, (c) annual fundraising, (d) increasing and sustaining the overall donor pool, (e) increasing the number and size of gifts and multi-year pledges.
  • 3.4. Ensure that the MSM endowment doubles in size by June 2019.
  • 3.5. Organize for a capital campaign: Build the potential donor and prospect pool, determine staffing needs, conduct feasibility analysis, organize a steering committee, define campaign goals, initiate the silent phase, and schedule the launch of the public phase.

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