Strategic Initiatives

Goal 4: Increase Visibility

Achieve wider recognition of MSM's world-class quality.


  • 4.1. Design and launch a dynamic and comprehensive public relations and promotional campaign. Emphasize New York City advantage. Align the campaign with vision, mission and values to promote strategic goals and initiatives. Upgrade the MSM website, which is our most used and most public space. Develop a coherent strategy for interacting with social media. Grow the School’s public visibility and deepen the relationship with our audience through the evolving digital marketplace.
  • 4.2. Re-envision and create MSM admissions and recruitment materials to emphasize our strategic advantages.
  • 4.3. Build events around MSM’s New York City location, music interest groups, alumni surveys, etc. to improve relations with alumni and friends, and to generate a greater number of benefactors.
  • 4.4. Increase strategically the integration and engagement of the MSM leadership team and faculty in a wide spectrum of New York City arts institutions, professional associations of conservatories, institutions of higher education, and summer music festivals.
  • 4.5. Initiate and cultivate additional advisory boards focused on specific MSM programs (e.g., opera, orchestra, jazz, and Precollege).

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