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Unified Application for Conservatory Admission

Prescreening Submission (where applicable)


Bachelor of Music (BM)
Master of Music (MM), Professional Studies Certificate, Artist Diploma
Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)
Non-Native English Speakers


Transfer Students
Readmission after Leave of Absence
Homeschooled Applicants
Transfer Credit for Undergraduate Applicants
Admission for MSM Graduates
Precollege Division Admissions


Office of Admissions
Manhattan School of Music
120 Claremont Ave.
New York, NY 10027


Unified Application for Conservatory Admission

Click here to access the Unified Application

Essay (500 to 750 words)

If you were handed a blank airline ticket, where would you go? What would you do? How long would you stay?

Musical Background/Resume

Please briefly highlight the last four years of musical studies in your major area (750 words or less). Highlights might include recent significant public performances given, summer festivals attended, or honors received. Please do not use this space to list repertoire. Create your response in a word processing program in resume or bulleted list format. Paste the content into the text box below rather than sending a separate attachment.

Teacher Preference List

We encourage each applicant to research potential teachers and provide information about teacher preferences on the Unified Application. This information can be updated later in the admission cycle by emailing your admissions counselor.

Application Fee

Payment online only. $100 USD ($50 for current MSM students, current MSM Precollege students, and MSM college alumni). Additional late fee of $50 USD will be charged after December 1.

MSM Admissions Portal

The final step in completing the application to Manhattan School of Music is to set up a personal account on the MSM Admissions Portal. The portal account will allow the applicant to communicate with the Office of Admissions throughout the admission cycle once the Unified Application has been submitted. Applicants will use the portal to track supplemental documents, submit teacher preferences, receive audition times and learn admission results. All applicants must register on the portal after submitting the application in order to receive this important information.

Prescreening Submission (Where Applicable)

Many programs at Manhattan School of Music require the submission of prescreening materials in order to be invited to the audition.

For answers to the following, visit the Prescreening Process page.

  • Does my intended major require a prescreening submission?
  • What is the prescreening deadline?
  • How do I submit my prescreening materials?
  • When will I find out results for the prescreening round?


Bachelor of Music (BM)

  • Two Letters of Recommendation – one academic and one musical
  • Official High School Transcripts – transcripts must be mailed directly from each school attended and arrive in a sealed envelope
  • Test Scores (recommended) – SAT or ACT

Master of Music (MM), Professional Studies Certificate, Artist Diploma

  • Two Letters of Recommendation – both musical
  • Official Undergraduate Transcripts – transcripts must be mailed directly from each school attended and arrive in a sealed envelope

Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Official Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts – transcripts must be mailed directly from each school attended and arrive in a sealed envelope
  • Doctoral Writing Sample – submit by email to

Non-Native English Speakers

  • Certified English translations of all required transcripts
  • TOEFL Exemption Request
  • English Assessment – taken during Audition Week


Transfer Students

Admission status (freshman, sophomore or junior) as determined by the audition only refers to performance level. It does not refer to academic status (the number of credit hours that will transfer from your previous institution) nor determine the number of years it will take to complete your degree at MSM. Courses that will be considered for transfer credit are those with a strong writing component (i.e., Literature, Philosophy/Religion, History, Languages, etc.). Determination of transfer credit will be at the discretion of the registrar. Address further questions to the registrar at

Homeschooled Applicants

Applicants to the undergraduate degree program who are home-schooled are required to provide MSM with a high school diploma (or a GED) and either SAT or ACT scores.

Transfer Credit for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate applicants who wish to transfer into Manhattan School of Music are required to submit official transcripts from each previous post-secondary institution. Please refer to the Registrar's Transfer Credit Letter, which explains the transfer of academic credits.
If more information is needed, email the Office of the Registrar.

Admission for MSM Graduates

Students who are currently enrolled at MSM and are applying to another MSM program and will not take time off between programs are exempt from the requirement to submit a TOEFL score. These students are also exempt from submitting prescreening materials with the exception of OP Flute and DMA Piano applicants who are required to submit prescreening material.

Students who have graduated from MSM and are applying to another MSM program and have taken at least one year off must submit prescreening material if required by their major. If English is not their first language, they must either submit a recent TOEFL score or apply for a TOEFL exemption.

All current MSM students or MSM graduates will pay a reduced application fee of $50.

Readmission after Leave of Absence

Former students who wish to return to MSM to complete their degree after an absence of more than two consecutive semesters must reapply for admission through the regular admission cycle. Please contact the Admissions Office at with questions about re-enrolling at MSM.

Precollege Division Admissions

Those seeking instruction for primary and secondary school-age children and young adults should visit our Precollege Division page to find out about special requirements and admission to this exciting program.

Dates and Deadlines

December 1, 2013

Deadline for prescreening recordings
Deadline for TOEFL waiver applications

January 1, 2014

Prescreening results available

January 15, 2014

Deadline for transcripts
Deadline for recommendation letters
Deadline for official iBT TOEFL score

February 1, 2014

March Audition Application Deadline
Individual Audition times emailed to applicants
Deadline for recorded video audition submissions
Find out about eligibility

March 1, 2014

Deadline for financial aid forms

February 28-March 7, 2014

MSM Audition Week held at the school in New York City
Audition procedures

April 1, 2014

Final admission decisions available

April 15, 2014

Deadline for accepted graduate and doctoral students to respond to admissions offer
May Audition Application Deadline

May 1, 2014

Deadline for accepted undergraduate and transfer students to respond to admissions offer

May 19-21, 2014

May audition period