International Applicants

Manhattan School of Music welcomes students from over 50 countries around the globe, making the school a diverse and dynamic learning community. Learn how to apply as an international student below.

Transcripts, Translations, & Evaluations
Audition Information
Financial Aid for International Students
Student Visas
Exchange Program

General Application Materials

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TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

All students whose first language is not English must submit an internet-based (iBT) TOEFL score. Only tests taken after March 1, 2013 will be considered.

TOEFL General Information

TOEFL scores must be received by January 15, 2015 for Fall 2015.
Manhattan School of Music TOEFL ETS code: 2396
Only internet-based (iBT) scores will be accepted.
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TOEFL Score Requirements by Degree

All Programs (except Doctoral) – Minimum score of 79 iBT or higher.

Applicants who audition successfully and score between 49 and 78 on the iBT TOEFL will be required to enroll in the school’s Summer English Studies (SES) course.

Doctoral candidates are required to have a minimum score of 100 iBT.  Doctoral applicants scoring below 100 iBT will not be considered for admission.

TOEFL Exemption Request

MSM’s Admission Committee does not automatically grant exemption from the TOEFL requirement for any applicant.  Applicants who have studied full-time at an academic institution where the language of instruction is English may apply for a TOEFL exemption.  Proof of previous coursework completed in English is required.  The application for a TOEFL exemption will be available in September.  The deadline for the TOEFL exemption application, and all supporting documents, is December 1, 2014.  To apply for a TOEFL Exemption please contact the Admissions Office by email at

Doctoral applicants wishing to apply for a TOEFL exemption should contact the Director of Admissions, Christan Cassidy, by email at

There is no guarantee a TOEFL exemption will be granted.  If the TOEFL exemption is not granted, applicants must register immediately for the next available iBT TOEFL test. 

Exemption applications submitted after December 1, 2014 will not be reviewed.

International Transcripts, Translations, & Evaluations

Transcripts & Translations

Applicants must submit transcripts in the original language. For transcripts that are not in English, applicants must also submit official, notarized translations.

WES Evaluations

Completion of a degree in an international program of study does not guarantee equivalency to a degree in the United States. A World Education Services (WES) evaluation allows MSM to determine an applicant’s eligibility for the desired program of study. Manhattan School of Music does not automatically require transcripts from international institutions be evaluated by WES, rather an admission counselor will alert an applicant if a WES evaluation is needed.

Request a WES evaluation

The following are important considerations when a WES evaluation is requested:

Late submission of WES evaluation may affect the student’s ability to complete the SEVIS I-20 and Visa process.

The “Course-by-Course” evaluation is preferred. Electronic Delivery of WES Evaluation report to MSM is preferred. Ensure that MSM  is authorized to receive a copy of your report. Allow up to 6 weeks to process an evaluation.

All final WES evaluations (showing proof of equivalency to the U.S. educational system) must be received by the Office of Admissions by August 1, 2015 for Fall 2015.

Audition Information

MSM Auditions

New York, NY - February 27-March 6, 2015 (held at Manhattan School of Music)
Individual invitations to an audition in NYC will be emailed by February 1, 2015.
Applicants should print the invitation email sent by the Office of Admissions and take it to an embassy visa appointment.

USA Schools of Music Asia Audition Schedule

(visit for specific locations and times)

October 5: SEOUL
October 6 – October 8: TAIPEI
October 10: HONG KONG
October 13 - October 14: SINGAPORE
October 17: BANGKOK
October 19 – October 20: GUANGZHOU
October 21 - October 22: CHENGDU
October 25 – October 26: SHANGHAI
October 29 – November 1: BEIJING

Learn detailed information about MSM’s auditions

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Financial Aid for International Students

MSM offers two sources of aid to international students: Manhattan School of Music Scholarship and the President's Award. Scholarships are offered to a select group of highly qualified applicants, based on the results of the audition and financial need. The President's Award is a no-need award, based on the results of the applicant's audition. Financial Aid submissions are due on March 1, 2015.

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Student Visas

Applicants who are offered admission to Manhattan School of Music will need to visit the Accepted Student web page in April to learn how to apply for a student visa. This process will require the submission of documents proving financial support for the of the individual's degree program at Manhattan School of Music. International students must pursue a full-time program of study in order to obtain a visa to study at Manhattan School of Music. 

Email the Director of International Student Services for more information

Exchange Program

In addition to its regular admissions process for degree programs and certificates, MSM accepts applications from exchange students. Whether a student is enrolled with one of our partner institutions, or has secured government funding enabling them to study in the US for a semester or two, we accept applications for consideration of an educational exchange. Please check back in early September for the link to our new exchange application.

Exchange program

Dates and Deadlines

December 1

Priority deadline for application
Deadline for prescreening recording
Deadline for TOEFL Exemption Request Form

January 15

Deadline for recommendation letters
Deadline for transcripts
Deadline for iBT TOEFL score

February 1

Individual invitations to an audition in NYC will be emailed

March 1

Deadline for Financial Aid documents 

June 1

Deadline for SEVIS I-20 application  

August 1

Deadline for final admissions documents
Deadline for WES evaluations