Exchange Applicants

Manhattan School of Music is an international school that welcomes students from all over the world. In addition to its regular admissions process for degree programs and certificates, MSM accepts applications from exchange students in the two broad categories defined below.

Exchange students do not pay tuition or fees at MSM, but are responsible for travel and for living costs (housing, food, health insurance). Exchange students enroll in lessons, ensembles and classes along with regular students, but they do not receive degrees from MSM. The MSM credits earned by exchange students will transfer back to their home schools.

Students accepted into MSM exchange programs will receive instructions and assistance in obtaining US visas through MSM’s office of International Student Services, and will have the opportunity to request housing in the dormitory on the MSM campus.

Exchange Students from Partner Schools
International Students with Government or Foundation Funding
Frequently Asked Questions

Exchange Students from Partner Schools

Students at MSM’s partner schools may apply to spend one year or one semester at MSM. MSM’s current partner schools are:

Royal College of Music, London
Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen
Amsterdam Conservatory
Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo
Sibelius Academy, Helsinki
Musikhochschule, Stuttgart
Sydney Conservatorium, Australia
Australian National University
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
Central Conservatory, Beijing
Shanghai Conservatory

If you are a student at any of the schools listed above, you may apply to MSM for exchange. In order to do so, you must first go to the coordinator of exchange programs at your own school, and ask to be recommended for this program. Typically schools limit the number of students they recommend for any particular exchange program, so it is important to begin with this step. The exchange coordinator at your school will communicate with MSM regarding recommendations (contact information is included in the link below). If you are recommended for exchange, you may apply to MSM through Decision Desk website by clicking here.

Because of the need to balance exchanges, the school is not always able to accept even very well qualified exchange applicants. You may be assured that MSM will take your application seriously and will accommodate as many recommended students as we can.

International Students with Government or Foundation Funding

Students who have received study abroad grants from governments or private foundations (such as Fulbright, for example) may apply to spend up to one year at MSM as exchange students. In this case, the foundation or government grant pays the student’s tuition and fees, and may also support living expenses. Applications in this category are not limited to MSM’s partner schools; any student may apply as long as the funding comes from a government or foundation source. If you are the recipient of such a grant, you may apply to MSM using the exchange application. You will be asked to specify the source of your funding. If your school has an exchange coordinator or international student advisor, please supply that information so that all the grant requirements can be met.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started in finding out about exchange programs?
Start by seeking information from the exchange coordinator or international office at your current school.

What if I need help in filling out the application?
You can access the online application by clicking here.  Once you have reviewed the application, you may contact Christan Cassidy, Director of Admissions with any questions you have.

Will I need to come to New York for an audition?
No. MSM accepts recorded auditions for exchange applicants.

The international coordinator at my school is unsure about whom to contact.
He or she should contact Marjorie Merryman, Provost and Dean of the College.

What is the deadline for applications? When can I know the result?
The deadline for applications is April 1. We will be able to give most students a result on or before May 1. Earlier applications may get earlier results, so it is to your advantage to apply as soon as you know you are interested.

My school is not listed in the partner schools. Is there anything I can do to exchange at MSM?
If your school is not listed, you will need a grant or other non-personal funding to attend MSM as an exchange student. But MSM occasionally adds new partners, so please speak to your own school’s international office about your interest in MSM.

Where can I get information about government and foundation grants?
MSM is not able to counsel you on this. Please seek information from advisors at your current school.

What if I have a foundation or government grant, and my school is also an MSM partner school?

The application process is the same, and you will be able to use your grant at MSM.

If I apply for exchange and I am accepted, do I have to come?
No, you are not obligated to come. However, there are often students waiting who would like to exchange. Therefore, if you are accepted and decide not to exchange, please inform MSM as soon as possible so that we can consider another student.

I am interested in exchanging, but I am worried about housing, visas, academic requirements, choosing a teacher, etc.

If you are accepted for an exchange at MSM, our offices can help you with practical matters as well as academic questions and musical decisions.