New International Applicants Applying for Scholarship

New International Citizens

Financial Aid Application Deadline: March 1st

Applying for institutional scholarships is easy.  All incoming students are required to complete the CSS Profile.

  • CSS Profile – All new international students.
    • The CSS Profile is the application to receive institutional scholarship money and is not required if you only wish to receive federal financial aid
  • Scholarship History Form – If you attended and received scholarship assistance from a previous College or University

Financial Aid Process and Procedures

The financial aid process can be intimidating, especially when you have no idea where you are in the process, what else needs to be completed, or when you will find anything out. This section is to help you with the understanding of the financial aid process and time frame from start to finish.

Complete the Applications

Prior to the March 1st financial aid application due date, be sure to complete the CSS Profile. Before you actually start to complete the applications be sure to have your and your parent’s prior year’s tax information easily accessible.  Complete the appropriate application based on your start date for the fall semester of the upcoming school year. 

Have questions during the completion process?

Tips for completing the online applications

  • Make sure you put Manhattan School of Music on the applications; otherwise we will never know you completed the steps
  • Make sure to electronically sign and fully submit the application
  • Even if your taxes are not finalized by March 1styou should still complete the application using estimated income.  It is better to have estimated data than no data at all

If you are worried that you did something wrong, please contact us and we will check on your application for you.  Just give us 3-4 business days after you submit your application, that is how long it takes for us to receive your information after submission.

Review of the Applications

During the month of March the Office of Financial Aid is completing a review of your financial aid application.  It is during this time that we are analyzing the information to determine both types and amounts of financial aid you are eligible to receive.  These types of aid include grants, scholarships, work study, and loan options.  This process is done simultaneously as the Admissions acceptance process.  Financial Aid results become available at the same time as Admissions results (typically April 1st of each year).

Getting Ready for the School Year

We have now made our decisions and are ready to attend MSM.  Now what do we do?

All you have to do to accept your financial aid/scholarship funds is return a signed copy of the financial aid email that was sent to you accepting the types, amounts, and conditions of your financial aid awards.

Financial Aid on My Bill

Financial Aid will only be able to be applied to your bill if we have received your signed financial aid notification letter.  Your financial aid will be posted as anticipated financial aid on your student billing worksheet found at> College Student> My Info.


Please, ASK QUESTIONS if you do not understand any part of our application process. We understand that the scholarship/financial aid process is, at times, frustrating and intimidating. We want to assist and support you from start to finish. It is our goal to make applying for scholarship and financial aid as pleasant and painless as possible.   If you have suggestions or comments, or if you experience problems, please call our office at 917-493-4809. Financial Aid counselors are available to assist you.