The programs of study for brass majors are designed to develop skilled performers who are familiar with the standard solo, ensemble, and orchestral literature for their instruments. Students will achieve a high degree of professional competence and appropriate stylistic approaches to the literature of various historical periods. All students fulfill an ensemble requirement as outlined in their course sequence plans and as assigned by the School. In addition to studies with our expert faculty, students are provided additional opportunities to play for and observe world-renowned guest artists.

Specific courses and degree sequence plans can be found in the Course Catalog.​


General admission information

Audition procedures and repertoire:

Horn Audition
Trombone Audition
Trumpet Audition
Tuba Audition


David Jolley

Department Chair

Brass Faculty

David Jolley  (Horn, Brass Chair)
Michelle Baker  (Horn)
Ethan Bensdorf  (Trumpet)
Per Brevig  (Trombone)
David Finlayson  (Trombone)
Javier Gàndara  (Horn)
Mark Gould  (Trumpet)
Stephen Norrell  (Bass Trombone)
Vincent Penzarella  (Trumpet)
Thomas Smith  (Trumpet)
Allen Spanjer  (Horn)
Dave Taylor  (Trombone)
Kyle Turner  (Tuba)