Musical Theatre Audition


There will be no prescreening for the Musical Theatre Program.

Application Requirements

All Musical Theatre students will begin as freshmen and attend MSM for four years. A completed application, headshot, resume, transcript(s), and two letters of recommendation are required.

The Musical Theatre Program is well-suited to enthusiastic, highly motivated, collaborative individuals who bring a strong sense of self to the audition. It is recommended that prospective students use the audition process to shine a light on themselves as individuals, and not try to conform to some idea of who they think the audition panel will want to see. This program is designed to create performers who are unique and yet know how to “play well with others.” The concept of theater as a collaborative art form will be stressed throughout the four years of training.

Audition Requirements

Invited applicants must audition live; no recorded auditions will be accepted. The singing/acting audition will last three-to-five minutes and include:

  • a one-minute monologue;
  • 32 bars of a ballad; and 
  • 32 bars of an up-tempo song.

Songs should be age appropriate and from the musical theater repertoire.

Auditioning students may also be asked to participate in a vocal assessment with an individual faculty member, lasting up to 15 minutes. 

There will be a dance call that will last approximately one hour. Clothing should allow for ease of movement but not be too loose-fitting.  Character or jazz shoes should be worn. 

Applicants have the option to audition at MSM during our 2018 Audition Week OR at one of our regional auditions listed here: New York (January 21-22), Chicago (February 6-9), & Los Angeles (February 11-12).

When auditioning at one of our regional auditions, you will need to prepare 32 bars of two contrasting songs from the musical theater repertoire and one 1-minute monologue. Please bring recorded accompaniment to the regional auditions. We will provide a playback device that supports CDs or digital media.