Orchestral Placement Auditions

On behalf of the Performance Operations Office, welcome to Manhattan School of Music!

Auditions are held to determine placement in the Manhattan Chamber Sinfonia, the Manhattan Symphony Orchestra, and the Manhattan Philharmonia Orchestras. Every student playing an orchestral instrument is required to take these auditions. Auditions are held throughout the building and adjudicated by members of the faculty, many of whom are members of the New York Philharmonic or the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. 

Fall 2016 orchestra auditions will take place between Monday August 29 – Friday September 2, 2016. Your individual audition time, date and location will be emailed to you by Nolan Robertson, Associate Dean for Orchestra and Performance Operations. If you have questions regarding your audition please contact Mr. Robertson at nrobertson@msmnyc.edu

String musicians

Please note that there is a second round of auditions for all principal chairs. For viola, cello and double bass the principal audition immediately follows the first round of auditions and is by invitation only. Concertmaster auditions will take place on a different date then the preliminary round and is by invitation only.


Nolan Robertson
Associate Dean for Orchestra and Performance Operations
917 493 4503