Registration Information, Fall 2015

Below are details of your responsibilities in regard to the Office of the Registrar before classes begin. This is designed to help make your first several days run as smoothly as possible, so read the following information carefully:

Wednesday, August 26: Registration Packets
You should pick up your personalized registration packet in Borden Auditorium on Wednesday beginning at 8:00 am. This packet will include your fall schedule and other important information about your program and requirements. Registration appointments for transfer and graduate students begin on Thursday, August 27; therefore, it is imperative that you pick up your registration packet by Wednesday because it includes the time of your registration appointment and other materials needed to help you complete registration. If you miss your appointment, you will be required to return during the Add/Drop period. The placement exam schedule will be taken into account in the scheduling of appointments. All other students requiring changes to their schedule should come to the Registrar’s Office during the Add/Drop period, which begins on September 9.

Thursday, August 27 through Saturday, August 29: Placement Exams
Jazz and Classical placement exams will take place as above. Placement exams are very important because they will determine what core courses you will be required to take. Failure to take these tests will result in your being automatically signed up for remedial coursework that could delay your graduation.

Thursday, August 27—Tuesday, September 8 (excluding Labor Day): Registration (appointments as assigned)
Details of your registration appointment will be contained in your registration packet. Please read through everything and fill out the appropriate forms before coming to your appointment. Only transfer and graduate students are scheduled for appointments.

Wednesday, September 2: Doctoral Registration
Doctoral registration will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 2. You are required to meet with Dr. Jeffrey Langford to go over your proposed schedule for the fall semester (contact Dr. Langford at 917-493-4573 for details). Once he has approved your proposed schedule, come immediately to the Office of the Registrar (Room 218) in order to complete registration. We cannot register you for classes without Dr. Langford’s signed approval of your proposed schedule.

Wednesday, September 9: First Day of Classes

Wednesday, September 9— Friday, Sept 18: Add/Drop Period.

This is your opportunity to adjust your schedule.

Monday, September 21—Wednesday, October 7: Withdrawal Period.

No student-initiated course withdrawals allowed after October 7, except for complete withdrawal from MSM.

Office of the Registrar

917 493 4478