Bassoon Audition

Listed below are the audition procedures as well as the various audition requirements/repertoire for each degree level.

Audition Procedures

  • Auditions are approximately 10 minutes in length (doctoral auditions are approximately 20 minutes in length). Each applicant chooses his/her first work and the faculty will choose a second and possibly third work from the audition repertoire list provided by the applicant.
  • AUDITIONS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED. An accompanist is provided free of charge at auditions OR applicants may choose to bring their own accompanist. If applicants wish to rehearse with the School's accompanist BEFORE the audition, rehearsal time and cost should be arranged between the two parties.

Audition Requirements


  • Two contrasting etudes.
  • Two complete works from contrasting periods.
  • Two contrasting orchestral excerpts.
  • Knowledge of transposition/clefs where applicable.
  • Sight-reading.


  • Two contrasting etudes
  • Two complete works from contrasting periods (one work must be a concerto and one work must be from the 20th century).
  • Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro Overture and one other contrasting orchestral excerpt.
  • Knowledge of transposition/clefs where applicable.
  • Sight-reading.

Orchestral Performance (Graduate Program)

Visit the Orchestral Performance page for information >

Doctoral and Professional Studies Audition Requirements

  • A full-length recital from contrasting style periods including a work from the 20th Century.
  • Orchestral excerpts:
    • The Marriage of Figaro
    • Scheherezade: solo and cadenzas
    • The Rite of Spring: opening
    • Bolero
    • Tchaikowsky Symphony No. 4, 2nd movement
    • Beethoven Symphony No. 4, fourth movement