Who's Coming

Please visit this page again as alumni register for the upcoming 2014 REUNION.

This is a list of alumni and guests who attended last's years reunion (October 2013): 

Eileen C. Acheson-Bohn 1962 Brooklyn Heights, NY
Fred Barnett 1965 Lake Grove, NY
Justin H. Bischof 1998 Scarsdale, NY
John K. Blanchard 1989 New York, NY
Cynthia A. Boxrud 1978 Santa Monica, CA
Jonathan Z. Brahms 1971 New York, NY
Rodney M. Brown 1975 Baltimore, MD
S. P. Capua 1953 Miami, FL
Isabelle Cazeaux 1948 New York, NY
Sandra C. Coffin 1988 New York, NY
Russell Cusick 1990 Cold Spring, NY
Susan E. Deaver 1994 New York, NY
Salvatore Di Vittorio 1997 New York, NY
Justin L. DiCioccio 1971 Fort Lee, NJ
Peggy Eason 1975 New York, NY
Roy Eaton 1952 New York, NY
Refika Elibay 1975 Woodside, NY
Dianne Flagello 1952 New Rochelle, NY
Kenneth R. Force 1965 Kings Point, NY
James Gandre 1985 New York, NY
Kirill L. Gerstein 2000 Newton, MA
Gila Goldstein 1990 New York, NY
Richard W. Graber 1993 Antioch, TN
Richard W. Graber 1993 Antioch, TN
Brian D. Graifman 1978 Hicksville, NY
Renee G. Guerrero Harris 1994 Yonkers, NY
Dana G. Hanchard 1987 New York, NY
Brian T. Hatton 2008 Springfield, VA
Susan A. Ingerman 1968 New York, NY
Lisa L. Johnson 1984 New York, NY
Naomi E. Jones 2000 Los Angeles, CA
Margaret A. Juntwait 1980 New York, NY
Phillip N. Kawin 1985 New York, NY
Jonathan Klibonoff 1979 Bronxville, NY
Kenneth B. Lane 1954 Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Kevin C. Layman 1993 New York, NY
Deborah Loach 1993 Antioch, TN
Glenn A. Makos 1990 Maplewood, NJ
Ben Malensek 1978 New York, NY
Peri Mauer 1990 New York, NY
Robert E. McGrath 1959 Teaneck, NJ
Anthony R. Meloni 1977 Rye, NY
Michael Meltzer 1966 New York, NY
Richard E. Miller 1987 Brooklyn, NY
Anna Mione 1952 Wappinger Falls, NY
Joseph Morrison 1976 Jacksonville, FL
John J. Musto 1980 New York, NY
Merry A. Naddeo 1974 Hoboken, NJ
Edward R. Nelson 1971 Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Kristin Norderval 1993 New York, NY
Philip R. O'Connor 1996 Pasadena, CA
George A. Oldziey 1979 Austin, TX
Karine Poghosyan 2007 New York, NY
Christopher J. Rosenberg 1985 New York, NY
Shara Sand 1983 New York, NY
David M. Sapadin 1994 New York, NY
Suzanne F. Schwing 2001 New York, NY
Marc Silverman 1983 Fort Lee, NJ
Frederick Storfer 1964 New York, NY
Leigh A. Stuart 2003 New York, NY
Joelle Wallach 1984 New York, NY
Kathleen Walsh Penn 1972 New York, NY
Keith L. Wiggs 1984 Montclair, NJ


Angela Beeching, Director, Center for Music Entrepreneurship

John K. Blanchard, Director, Alumni Affairs & Development Operations

ElsaJean Davidson, Dean of Students

Justin DiCioccio, Associate Dean of the Jazz Arts Program

Casey Molino Dunn, Deputy Director, Center for Music Entrepreneurship

James Gandre, President

David Geber*, Vice Provost and Dean of Artistic Affairs

David Gilbert*, Resident Conductor

Edward Green,Composition/Jazz/Music History Faculty

Phillip Kawin, Piano Faculty

Jonathan Klibonoff, Chamber Music Faculty

Herman H. Leptz, Archivist

Solomon Mikowsky, Piano Faculty

Gordon Ostrowski, Assistant Dean, Opera Studies & Production

Joan Patenaude-Yarnell, Voice Faculty

Chris Rosenberg, Jazz Guitar Faculty

Marc Silverman, Piano Faculty

*2013 Recipient of the Presidential Medal for Distinguished Faculty Service

Additional Guests

Shara Bailey
Robert Crasnick
Santa Maria Di Vittorio
Barbara Jaffe
Jamie Katz
Joewarn Martin
Dr. David Noon, Former Faculty

“Congratulations for setting up a high-flying alumni celebration. We all appreciate it.”

—Michael Philip Davis

“Meeting old friends and reminiscing about 50 years that have incredibly flown by was a unique experience. As a ’57 graduate, the setting and the camaraderie evoked memories of a wonderful period in my life. Kudos to you and all who put the program together.”

—Dr. Eugene Lonstein