Staff Accountants

The Staff Accountants are responsible for preparing, and processing payments from students, faculty, and staff regarding the following:

  • Meal Plan Deposit
  • ID Replacement
  • Petty Cash Reimbursement
  • Balances Owed to the Scheduling Office
  • Qualifying Exams
  • Movie Ticket Purchase
  • 1098T Forms

Meal Plan Deposits

In the beginning of each semester funds are loaded onto your student ID card in an amount based on whether you are a commuter or residential student. If you use all of the funds on the card before the semester is over you have the option to make a deposit towards your meal plan account. You can pay by cash, check, or credit card, and apply the minimum amount of $50. You may visit room A-442 or call us to pay via credit card.

Please keep in mind that at the end of each academic year any monies left on student cards are automatically absorbed by the school. We do not carry over funds from year to year, nor do we issue refunds for meal plan credits.

ID Replacement

In the event that you loose a card, you must immediately report it missing so the card can be deactivated, if it is eventually found it can be reactivated. If the card is never found you need to purchase a replacement for a fee of $40. There is no refund for cards found after having paid the fee.

Petty Cash Reimbursements

If you are a student worker and your supervisor has authorized a petty cash reimbursement to you for anything less than $25 please visit room A-442. You must come with a valid ID in order to pick up your payment.

Balances Owed to the Scheduling Office

On occasion a student may have a balance with the Scheduling Office. Please bring your invoice to room A-442 for payment. Once you have paid, 2 copies of your paid invoice are given back to the student with one of those copies being delivered to the Scheduling Office by the student.

Qualifying Exams 

The Registrar's Office will provide the application to test out of a class. Please bring the completed application to room A-442 to make payment. The charge is $30 per exam. Once you have paid your fee you will need to return the form to the Registrar's Office, room 218.

Movie Tickets - AMC Black Tickets

MSM offers discounted movie tickets at $10.25 each. In order to purchase them visit the Office of Accounting in Andersen Hall, room A-442.  Payment must be made only in cash with exact change for amounts under $50. Any purchase over $50 you may use a credit card. There is no limit to how many you can buy as the tickets does not expire. Remember the tickets are only redeemable at AMC/ Loews theaters.

Tax Form 1098T Processing

Tuition Statement 1098-t’s are generated and mailed out every January. They are sent to the billing/permanent address on the file. If you did not receive your form or would like an additional form please call, visit, or email us your request. If you need any tax assistance please visit the IRS website at or contact your tax professional.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards, cash, money orders, and personal checks. All checks must be made payable to - Manhattan School of Music. A $30 fee is charged to persons whose check is returned to the College by our bank. Payment of the original balance and fee must then be paid via cash, credit card or money order. After a check has been returned the individual may not pay via personal check for one academic year.