Private Recording Sessions

Myers Recording Studio is available throughout the academic year and summer to current students, alumni, faculty, staff and the community at large for private audio and video recording sessions in its state-of-the-art digital multitrack facility and many of the concert halls at MSM. Please refer to the following policies and procedures to schedule a recording session at MSM. 
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How do I schedule a private recording session?

Visit the Recording Arts Office in Room 312 or contact the Recording Services Manager to talk about your recording project and go over available recording session times. A Recording Session Request Form and Recording Release Agreement must be filled out, signed and submitted for approval before your session is officially confirmed. Within 3-5 business days, you will receive an email notification as to whether or not the studio will be able to honor your private recording session request.

How early should I request my recording session?

The studio recommends that you book recording sessions 2-8 weeks in advance of the desired session date. Private recording sessions are available on a first come, first served basis and are subject to venue and studio personnel availability. During the peak performance times throughout the school year, recording session times may not be available due to concert and recital recording requirements.

Where can private recording sessions take place?

Myers Recording Studio offers recording sessions in Myers Recital Hall, Greenfield Hall, Pforzheimer Hall, Miller Recital Hall and Mikowsky Hall. HD video recording sessions are only available in Mikowsky Recital Hall and Miller Recital Hall.

What media does a private recording session include?

Standard stereo recording sessions include all takes from the session delivered in WAV audio file format via digital download. This uses the live-mix that the engineer does during the session. Further mixing is not possible once the session is complete. You may order a final CD of selected musical material or takes of your session for an additional charge.

Multi-track recording sessions include all takes from the session plus all multi-track audio files of each recorded microphone track in WAV audio file format delivered via digital download. Further audio mixing is possible once the session is complete. 

HD Video + Audio recording sessions include 1080p HD video files (.mp4) and audio files (.wav) of all complete takes from the session delivered via digital download.

*Please note that the original source video files will only be kept by Myers Recording Studio for 30 days after delivery of the recordings via digital download. Clients must download, review, and retain all video recordings within 30 days.  Further edits, changes, or fixes will not be possible once the source files are deleted after 30 days.

Who records my private recording session?

All recording sessions at MSM are engineered and recorded by Myers Recording Studio engineers only.

How much time should I book for my session?

It is recommended that you schedule four times the complete length of the musical material you wish to record, thereby allowing for warm-ups, breaks, and multiple takes. The first and last 30 minutes of your scheduled session time are needed for set-up and breakdown of studio equipment. You must be present, however; the studio will be open and available to you for session warm-up and rehearsal during these times. (For example, a two-hour recording session time slot includes one hour of actual recording time; a three-hour recording session time slot includes two hours of actual recording time.) You will not be charged for set-up or breakdown time.

Can I have the piano tuned for my private recording session?

Manhattan School of Music performance hall pianos are maintained with the highest technical standards and are tuned on a regular or daily basis by the Piano Technical Services Department.

What is the payment policy for private sessions?

Full payment for private sessions is due at the end of the recording session. The recording studio accepts payment by cash, check or money order only; credit cards are not accepted.

How do I cancel a private recording session?

If you must cancel your confirmed private recording session, notify the recording studio at ext. 4075. Cancellations made less than 2 business days before the session time are subject to a cancellation fee of $50. You will be charged the full recording fee if you do not notify the recording studio of a cancellation and fail to show up for the session.

Do you offer video recording services for private sessions?

Yes! Myers Recording Studio offers HD video recording for sessions that take place in Miller Recital Hall and Mikowsky Recital Hall. For audio recording sessions in other halls, you are welcome to bring in your own camera to record video during the session, or hire an outside videographer. A list of recommended professional videographers for hire is available in the Recording Arts Office upon request.

Does Myers Recording Studio provide amplifiers and cables for jazz student private sessions?

No. Students are responsible for supplying their own amplifying equipment for recording sessions, recitals and other performances.

Do you lend or rent recording equipment for sessions?

No. Myers Recording Studio does not lend or rent recording equipment under any circumstances.

Does Myers Recording Studio provide editing services for private recording sessions?

Yes.  Audio editing sessions with an audio engineer may be booked by contacting the Recording Services Manager.

Does Myers Recording Studio book activities in Myers Recital Hall?

No, the Scheduling Office books all classroom and performance space usage. To inquire about booking a spaces at MSM, contact the Scheduling Office at 917-493-4479.

What is a Recording Release Agreement?

The release agreement states that in accordance with receiving permission to record with Myers Recording Studio, all individuals involved agree to abide by the contents of the agreement if the recording is used or distributed for anything other than personal purposes (e.g., promotional or commercial distribution). Anyone requesting a private recording session must read, sign and submit a recording release agreement.

What do I need to know about copyright?

For information regarding copyright law, please access the following Web sites:

Harry Fox Agency, Inc., was established in 1927 as a musical copyright information source and licensing agency for the music industry. HFA currently represents more than 27,000 music publishers and is the premier licensing resource for the mechanical use of music reproduced in all formats and media.

United States Copyright Office: Visit this site for information on the function and history of the Copyright Office, and details on the services they provide (including copyright registration). You can subscribe to the office’s free electronic newsletter from the site, or by sending an e-mail message to In the body of the message write: Subscribe USCopyright.

Additional sources for information on copyright include the National Music Publishers Association (, the Copyright Society of the USA ( and the Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center (


Chris Shade
Recording Services Manager
917 493 4075