Health & Wellness

The Office of Student and Residence Life is responsible for all matters pertaining to student support, including health and wellness. Students who find themselves faced with difficult challenges', stress, disabilities, roommate problems, emotional concerns, interpersonal conflict, etc.can turn to any of the Student and Residence Life staff for advice and assistance.

Services and opportunities that the department provide, include:

Wellness Programs

Each semester we offer non-credit-bearing courses, such as yoga and Alexander technique, which focus on stress relief and relaxation. These courses are offered at a minimal cost to the student. We also offer an annual Wellness Fair in January, and provide additional information about maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through educational bulletin boards, pamphlets, and programs.

Gym Membership

Columbia University gym is also nearby and available for a special student fee. Students who wish to join should go to the Hartley-Dodge Physical Fitness Center at Columbia with their Manhattan School of Music ID and proof of health insurance (if you are on the Manhattan School of Music plan, your paid college bill will serve as proof until your insurance card arrives).

Health and Psychological Assistance

Students in need of medical or psychological assistance should follow the guidelines outlined in their health insurance policy and seek assistance in the local area accordingly. Students in need of medical assistance who are covered by the MSM sponsored health insurance plan should call University Medical Practice Associates at 877-420-4209 to set up an appointment. Students should be prepared to show proper school and insurance identification and pay the designated co-payment. Students in need of assistance with counseling concerns are encouraged to seek guidance or referral with the Student Life staff.

Emergency Financial Assistance

The Ruth K. Knight Fund provides limited funds for mental health and counseling for Manhattan School of Music students. Students may apply in the Office of Student and Residence Life, room 112.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance 2011-2012

Manhattan School of Music mandates all full-time students have health insurance coverage valid in New York State. The school currently offers a Student Accident & Sickness Insurance plan, underwritten by Combined Life Insurance Company of New York. Specifics regarding the coverage offered by this plan are detailed in a brochure and available at the Office of Student and Residence Life. Full time students are automatically enrolled in this plan unless they complete the waiver process online. Student should go to the MSM Student Website to complete the online waiver process.
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Once a student is enrolled in the plan they are billed a health insurance fee on their invoice and are financially responsible for these charges.

The school’s health insurance plan covers students for one full year, beginning on August 18 and running through the following August 18. Enrollment is for the full year and cannot be changed on a semester-by-semester basis. If a student takes a leave of absence, withdraws, or changes to part time status prior to the academic year end their coverage under the plan will continue through the end of the enrollment period (August 18, 2011 through August 18, 2012), therefore no refunds will be issued.

Part time students, including DMA students in their 3 year and beyond, who wish to enroll in the insurance program should complete the online enrollment process by visiting the MSM Student Website.

Deadline to Waive Coverage

The deadline to waive coverage provided under the school sponsored plan is June 24, 2011.

Description of the plan

Manhattan School of Music, concerned about the health of its students and their protection against the high costs of medical care, assists students in their efforts to obtain adequate health care.  The Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan for Manhattan School of Music Students provides up to $50,000 of medical expense benefits for covered Injury or Sickness.  Coverage is provided twenty-four hours a day and is valid worldwide.  The “base Plan” benefits are provided to all full-time MSM students while enrolled at MSM.  The brochure provides benefit information and important information about how to contact doctors.
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Students in need of non-emergency medical care must contact The University Medical Practice Associates, located on the forth floor of 1090 Amsterdam Avenue, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center to make an appointment.  The student calls an answering service, at 877-420-4209, to make the appointment.  The student should identify themselves as a MSM student and have their insurance card available when they make the call.

The visit to University Medical Practice Associates and the referral requirement

The student is required to pay a $5 per visit co-payment at the time of the office visit.  The office is open Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm.  If the student is in need of a referral, they will need to make the initial appointment with University Medical Practice Associates, who will determine if a referral is appropriate.  The student should remind the referring doctor that if a referral is to be made, they would prefer a PHCS Network participant for optimal insurance coverage. 
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Students experiencing emergencies at anytime or serious medical/mental health situations out side of office hours should call 911 or visit an emergency room immediately.

Pharmacy Needs 

Students participating in the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance plan will need to present their current insurance card to the participating Medco pharmacy to receive benefits. The maximum benefit for prescribed medicines is $1,000 per policy year.
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Bills and Claims

Once you receive a bill, please submit it for payment with a Claim Form immediately!  The claim forms are available outside the Office of Student and Residence Life and on the claims administrator website at

Office of Student and Residence Life

University Medical Practice Associates