Health & Wellness

The Office of Student and Residence Life is responsible for all matters pertaining to student support, including health and wellness.Students who find themselves faced with difficult challenges', stress,disabilities, roommate problems, emotional concerns, interpersonal conflict, etc.can turn to any of the Student and Residence Life staff for advice and assistance.

Services and opportunities that the department provides include:

Wellness Programs

Each semester we offer non-credit-bearing courses, such as Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais, which focus on stress relief and body wellness. These courses are offered at a minimal cost to the student. Students interested in these offerings should visit the Office of Student Life to signup.

Gym Membership

The Columbia University gym is nearby and available for MSM Students at a discounted student rate. Students who wish to join should go to the Hartley-Dodge Physical Fitness Center at Columbia with their Manhattan School of Music ID and proof of health insurance (if you are on the Manhattan School of Music plan, your paid college bill will serve as proof.)


College life can bring both ups and downs for our students.  Some situations students encounter will be small and manageable, others may be moderate and increase anxiety or impact mood. At MSM students should never a need to feel to take on any problem or issue on their own.  In addition to our Resident Assistants, Director of Residence Life, Director of Student Life and Dean of Students, we also have the Manhattan School of Music Counseling Center.  The Counseling Center is located in Anderson Hall on the 6th Floor and is open to all MSM students.

Therapy can be a helpful way of understanding what is problematic and how to think about it and address it in a successful way.  It is also a way of addressing more ongoing issues, as well as promoting self-growth.  The Counseling Center offers each student 6 free sessions of short-term, confidential counseling.  If longer term treatment would be helpful or is necessary,the psychologist working with the student will provide a recommendation. The service is staffed by Dr. Shara Sand, Dr. Michele Bartnett and Dr. Peter Haddad, who offer many years of professional counseling experience to our students. 

Current MSM students may access the MSM student website for further information about this service.

School Nurse

Sophia Grigoriou is MSM's School Nurse. In this role, her goal is to provide the culturally-competent and holistic care needed to help students achieve positive outcomes. It is proven that students who are in good physical and mental health are able to perform better, have better academic outcomes and also aides in creating a positive and healthy school environment overall.  She works to help promote and develop relevant opportunities and resources for MSM students to take advantage of during the academic school year. Her office is conveniently located on-campus on the 6th floor of Andersen Hall, Room 618 and walk-ins are always welcome. Whether students have an acute or chronic illness that needs some attention or have a simple medical question that needs an answer, her office is a good place to stop by and she is always happy to help! Health and wellness services are available to both residential and non-residential students Monday through Friday during the academic school year.

Current MSM students may access the MSM student website for further information about this service.

Health Insurance

Manhattan School of Music mandates all full-time students have health insurance coverage valid in New York State. The school currently offers an insurance plan, underwritten by BCS Insurance Company. Specifics regarding the coverage offered by this plan are detailed in a brochure and available at the Office of Student Life. 

Each academic year students are asked to complete the online enrollment/waiver process. Once a student is enrolled in the plan they are billed a health insurance fee on their invoice and are financially responsible for these charges.

The school’s health insurance plan covers students for one full year, beginning in late August and running through the following August. Enrollment is for the full year and cannot be changed on a semester-by-semester basis. If a student takes a leave of absence, withdraws, or changes to part time status prior to the academic year end their coverage under the plan will continue through the end of the enrollment period, therefore no refunds will be issued.

Part time students, including DMA students in their 3 year and beyond, are not required to submit health insurance information or enroll in the MSM sponsored plan.  Those who wish to enroll in the plan should complete the online enrollment process during the enrollment period. 

Students experiencing emergencies at any time or serious medical/mental health situations outside of office hours should call 911 or visit an emergency room immediately.

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